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Detailed Instructions


Step 1. Register and Log In

Registration enables our program to put your name on your Certificate of Accomplishment.

Part 1- Registration Form (it only has to be filled out once)

  • Click on {Register Here}
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 Step 3. Choose and read a CE article

  • Chose a CE article from the "Categories" section on the >right> and click on it.


  • Click on the "CE list Credit Hours and Intros^above^.

You may preview articles without registration.


Step 4. Take Exam

  • Click on [Take Exam] in the exam portal at the end of each article.
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  • Grading is instantly performed by clicking on [Show Results] at the end of each test


Step 5. Print CE Certificate

  • When you pass a test you will automatically shown your exam score details
  • Click on [print your certificate] to see your Certificate of Accomplishment.
  • Copy and paste or print certificate directly from page

 You may review and reprint your CE Certificates from your My Login Welcome page.


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